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Can-Am Maverick X3 Self Canceling Turn Signal Kit V.3.0

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Plug-and-Play Self-Canceling Turn Signal System: Elevate Your Driving Experience with Intelligent Control.

Revolutionize your driving with our state-of-the-art Plug-and-Play Self-Canceling Turn Signal System, meticulously engineered for seamless integration and unparalleled convenience. Crafted with precision and built with premium TXL wire, this system seamlessly integrates with the signal lights in your factory gauge cluster. Featuring an array of smart functions including self-canceling turn signals, a revolutionary SmartBrake feature, hazard options, and innovative outputs for dash indicator lights, this system sets a new benchmark in road safety and user-friendly functionality.

**Key Features and Intelligent Functionality:**

1. **Quick and Extended Lane Changes:** Effortlessly signal your intentions with short and long presses of the left or right turn signal button. Press for 1 second or less for a 5-second flash for quick turns, and press for 1-5 seconds for a 30-second flash for extended lane changes.

2. **SmartBrake Function:** Experience ultimate convenience with the SmartBrake function. While the signals are flashing, if you engage the brake, the signals will continue flashing indefinitely. Upon brake release, they will flash for 10 seconds, eliminating the need for repeated signal activation during extended stops.

3. **Hazard Option:** Long press the left or right turn signal button for 6+ seconds to activate the hazard function. All four lights will flash continuously until you cancel the function by pressing the left or right button. This feature is active with the key in ACC or IGN mode.

4. **Brake Passthrough:** Seamlessly transition from the system to factory brake signals. While the system is inactive, it passes the factory brake signal to the brake lights. When flashing a turn signal and braking simultaneously, the signal takes priority.

5. **Full Power Running Lights:** Maximize visibility with full power running lights. The system provides full power to front marker lights when they're not in use as signals, enhancing safety and style.

6. **Outputs for Dash Indicator Lights:** Tailored for modern vehicles, the system includes outputs dedicated to dash indicator lights. These can be used to integrate the system into vehicles with factory gauge cluster inputs or aftermarket signal indicators. For Can-Am 2020 + Dash types. 


- **Integration:** Factory Gauge Cluster Signal Lights For Can-Am 2020 + Dash types. 

- **Smart Functions:** Self-Canceling, SmartBrake, Hazard

- **Activation:** Key in ACC or IGN Mode

- **Wire Type:** Premium TXL Wire

- **Outputs:** Dash Indicator Light Outputs / Aftermarket fang signal lights

- **Installation:** Plug-and-Play Integration

Experience the future of driving with the Plug-and-Play Self-Canceling Turn Signal System. Elevate your safety and driving control with a range of intelligent functions designed to keep you aware, safe, and in control. Upgrade your driving experience today and enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and innovation of this advanced turn signal system.