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PCI Trax Helmet Upgrade

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Enhance your driving experience with the PCI Race Radios Intercom Helmet Speaker Upgrade, a dynamic solution that transforms your audio encounters on the road. Tailored for helmet use, this upgrade is designed to work seamlessly with your headgear, bringing a new dimension to your auditory journey.

These helmet speakers can be equipped with an external volume control, giving you the flexibility to adjust the audio levels based on your preferences. This feature becomes particularly handy when overcoming the challenges of loud engines, allowing you to fine-tune the volume for optimal clarity.

The PCI Race Radios Intercom Helmet Speaker Upgrade elevates the entire sound spectrum, delivering a well-balanced and rich audio profile. The enhanced drivers work harmoniously with your helmet, ensuring that every spoken word, background conversation, and ambient sound is captured with stunning clarity. Whether you're communicating with fellow riders or receiving crucial updates, the upgraded helmet speakers guarantee that no detail is lost in transmission.

Upgrade your driving experience by incorporating these helmet speakers into your gear. Download the upgrade form, make the switch, and start enjoying the immersive and crystal-clear audio that complements every moment of your journey on the road.

Helmet Upgrade Form