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PCI Trax Headset Upgrade

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Enhance your driving experience with the PCI Race Radios Intercom Headset Speaker Upgrade, a dynamic enhancement that redefines your audio encounters on the road. Designed to deliver unparalleled audio performance, this upgrade focuses on optimizing both bass response and overall sound quality to provide you with an immersive and crystal-clear communication experience.

Immerse yourself in the deep resonance of upgraded bass response, feeling the rhythm of the road like never before. The meticulously engineered driver upgrade takes your audio encounters to the next level, allowing you to sense the rumble of the engine and the subtle vibrations that add to the thrill of your journey. Every note and beat becomes palpable, giving your favorite tunes a new life and adding a layer of excitement to your driving adventure.

But it's not just about the bass. The PCI Race Radios Intercom Headset Speaker Upgrade also elevates the entire sound spectrum, producing a well-balanced and rich audio profile. The enhanced drivers work harmoniously with the existing components, ensuring that every spoken word, background conversation, and ambient sound is captured with stunning clarity. Whether you're communicating with your fellow passengers or receiving crucial updates from your team, the upgraded speakers ensure that no detail is lost in transmission.

Simply download the upgrade form, ship or drop off your headsets and start enjoying your high definition headsets! 

Headset Upgrade Form