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Polaris CAN PTT / HORN Module

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Introducing the Pro-R CAN Network Interface - Unleash the Full Potential of Your Polaris Pro-R!

IMPORTANT- The Polaris button is not assigned to any function from the factory. Do not assign this button to any actions within the ride command. You will be unable to de-select the assigned function.

Revolutionize your off-road adventures with our state-of-the-art CAN Network Interface. Designed specifically for Polaris Pro-R enthusiasts, this advanced device empowers you to take control of your vehicle like never before. Seamlessly integrated with your factory steering wheel shortcut button, it offers a range of dynamic features for a truly enhanced driving experience.

Effortless Horn or Push-to-Talk Activation:

With our CAN Network Interface, activating your horn or engaging in clear communication is just a fingertip away. No more fumbling for extra buttons or switches; simply use your Polaris Pro-R factory steering wheel shortcut button to sound the horn or initiate push-to-talk communication. Stay connected with your fellow riders or warn others of your presence effortlessly and stay focused on the trail ahead.

Intelligent Reverse Lights Activation:

Navigate the trails with utmost confidence and safety using our CAN Network Interface's smart reverse lights activation. As you shift into reverse gear, the interface intuitively triggers your reverse lights, providing excellent visibility to maneuver even the trickiest terrains. Enhance your off-road adventures, whether it's backing up on a dark trail or reversing in tight spots.

S&B Particle Separator Control in High or Low Gear:

Experience peak performance and protect your engine with the S&B Particle Separator control feature of our CAN Network Interface. This intelligent system automatically activates your S&B Particle Separator when you switch to high or low gear. Dust, dirt, and debris won't stand a chance as the S&B Particle Separator ensures clean air intake, prolonging engine life and optimizing your Pro-R's performance.

Seamless Integration and Durability:

Crafted with precision and built to withstand the harshest off-road conditions, the Pro-R CAN Network Interface is engineered for seamless integration into your Polaris Pro-R. Installation is a breeze, and our interface's durable construction ensures it can handle the rugged demands of off-road adventures without compromise.

Elevate your Polaris Pro-R experience with the Pro-R CAN Network Interface. Empower yourself with enhanced control, safety, and performance, all conveniently accessible through your factory steering wheel shortcut button. Take your off-road journeys to new heights and conquer any terrain with confidence. Upgrade your Pro-R today and experience the difference our CAN Network Interface can make!


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