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Polaris RZR/Turbo-S Horn Kit

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Enhance your off-road adventures with our state-of-the-art Plug-and-Play Dual Disc Hella Horn Kit, specially designed for your Polaris RZR. This innovative kit ensures that you're heard loud and clear, providing a robust and attention-grabbing audible alert whenever you need it. Featuring premium TXL wire wrapped in protective Tessa Tape, direct compatibility with the Polaris flex accessory power port, and a blue LED backlit rocker switch, this horn kit combines convenience, performance, and aesthetics like never before.

**Key Features:**

1. **Effortless Integration:** Experience the ease of plug-and-play installation. Our Dual Disc Hella Horn Kit is engineered to seamlessly connect to your Polaris RZR's flex accessory power port, eliminating complex wiring procedures. Get ready to blast your horns in no time.

2. **Dual Disc Hella Horns:** Be unmistakably heard on the trails. Our kit includes powerful dual disc Hella horns that emit a commanding sound, ensuring you're noticed by fellow riders and pedestrians alike. Safety meets style with this essential off-road accessory.

3. **High-Quality TXL Wire:** Trust in the durability of TXL wire. Crafted to endure high temperatures, abrasion, and wear, it ensures uninterrupted performance for consistent sound output. Communicate your presence without compromise.

4. **Protective Tessa Tape Wrapping:** Shield your wiring from potential damage with Tessa harness tape wrapping. Safeguard against abrasion and vibration, extending the life of your horn kit and ensuring long-lasting reliability.

5. **Blue LED Backlit Rocker Switch:** Elevate your cabin's aesthetics with the stylish blue LED backlit rocker switch. Easy to spot even in low-light conditions, it adds a touch of sophistication while providing convenient control over your horn activation.


- **Compatibility:** Polaris RZR

- **Horn Type:** Dual Disc Hella Horns

- **Wire Type:** High-Quality TXL Wire

- **Protection:** Tessa Harness Tape Wrapping

- **Power Source:** Polaris Flex Accessory Power Port

- **Switch:** Blue LED Backlit Rocker Switch

- **Installation:** Plug-and-Play Integration

Upgrade your off-road experience with the Plug-and-Play Dual Disc Hella Horn Kit for Polaris RZR. Elevate safety and style simultaneously, making your presence known on any trail. Experience the ease of installation, the reliability of premium components, and the sophistication of integrated design. Don't just ride – command the road with the unmistakable sound of our top-tier horn kit. Gear up and redefine what it means to make an entrance.